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Kindle How-To: Charging and Powering Up Your Kindle DX

Posted by admin on December 26, 2009


Kindle DX ships with a U.S. power adapter and a Kindle micro-USB cable. You can charge your Kindle DX by connecting it to your computer via the Kindle micro-USB cable or by connecting it to a wall socket using the Kindle micro-USB cable and the Kindle U.S. power adapter plug. The light on your Kindle DX next to the USB socket will appear yellow when charging and change to green when Kindle DX is fully charged.

Note on third-party charging devices (not included with your Kindle DX): Third-party charging devices, power converters, USB wall chargers, and other charging hubs are not supported nor recommended for your Kindle DX.

Charging from Your Computer via Kindle Micro-USB Cable

When using the Kindle micro-USB cable to charge your Kindle via your computer, charging time will normally take 4 to 6 hours. To charge your Kindle DX from a computer via Kindle micro-USB cable:

  • Connect Kindle DX directly to a USB port on your computer. Do not connect through a hub, keyboard, or monitor.

    Illustration of Kindle connected to a computer via USB
  • Connect Kindle DX to a computer plugged into a power outlet. We recommend keeping your computer plugged into a power outlet while charging your Kindle DX. Your computer may not supply sufficient power to the USB port if it is not plugged in.
  • Make sure your computer stays on during the entire charging process. Disable Standby, Hibernate or Sleep mode, if necessary.
  • Verify Kindle DX recognizes the USB connection. You can verify your Kindle DX is charging if you see the USB drive mode screen. If you do not see this screen, unplug and reconnect your Kindle DX. You may also need to select an alternate USB port.
Illustration of Kindle screen when in USB drive mode.

Using Kindle while Charging via Kindle Micro-USB Cable

You can use your Kindle while it is connected and charging from your computer. For most operating systems, you simply need to select “unmount,” “eject” or “safely remove” for the Kindle USB drive using your computer’s file browser without actually disconnecting the USB cable. Kindle DX will then exit USB drive mode and display the Home screen. You’ll see a lightning bolt on the battery status icon that indicates Kindle is still charging.

If you use the Windows Vista operating system on your computer, using the “Safely Remove Hardware” command will not work. Use the “Eject” option instead. Click on the Windows Start button on your computer and select “Computer” from the options. Right-click on the Kindle drive icon and select “Eject” from the pop-up menu.

Using Kindle’s Power Switch

The Power switch on top of Kindle DX puts it to sleep, wakes it up, and turns your Kindle on or off.

To wake up or turn on your Kindle: Slide and release the power switch again.

To put your Kindle to sleep: Slide and release the power switch. (Other keys and buttons are locked in Sleep mode.)

To turn your Kindle off: Slide and hold the power switch for four seconds until the screen goes blank and then release.

To reset your Kindle: Disconnect your Kindle from any power source, and then slide and hold the power switch for 15 seconds before releasing.

Illustration of top of Kindle2 showing power button and sound port.

Tip: Your Kindle DX will also go to sleep by itself after ten minutes if you are not using it. If your Kindle had wireless on prior to going to sleep, it will continue to receive your regularly scheduled subscriptions while in sleep.

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