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Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook Color earn CNET Editors’ Choice Awards

Posted by admin on November 23, 2010

Kindle 3[…] We felt that the Kindle–with its slimmer, lighter design, 4GB of internal memory, superior battery life (four weeks with the wireless turned off), slightly higher contrast “Pearl” display, and strong Amazon shopping experience–has the edge in the e-ink e-reader market. (Our Editors’ Choice Award extends to both current 6-inch iterations of the Kindle–the $189 3G/Wi-Fi model and the $139 Wi-Fi-only model.)

Nook ColorThat doesn’t mean the e-ink Nooks should be ruled out when you’re shopping for e-ink e-book readers. They offer better compatibility (EPUB support), the option to lend certain titles to fellow Nook users, and virtually unlimited full-book browsing when you log in from a hot spot within a Barnes & Noble store. If any of those features–or the LCD navigation screen–appeal to you, don’t hesitate to buy a Nook. But we had to pick one e-ink reader, and the Kindle is it.

As for color-display e-readers, […]the Nook Color stands out. Its interface is great, and its sleek design makes it more portable than the iPad. Yes, we’d like to see some more apps, but overall the Nook Color is a solid product that will improve with time–and a few software updates. As a result, we feel comfortable recommending it to folks looking for an affordable Android tablet that’s heavily slanted toward reading.

[…] If you’re shopping in the meantime, the Kindle and Nook Color are our top choices, depending on your price range and screen preference (e-ink versus color LCD).

Read more: CNET.

Don’t have a Kindle? Buy Kindle Wi-Fi version for only $139, Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi for $189 or

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E Ink will show the first available color eBook display

Posted by admin on November 13, 2010


E Ink Triton

E Ink® Holdings, the leading developer and marketer of electronic paper display technology, will show this week at FPD International the first commercially available color eBook display incorporating E Ink Triton Imaging Film.

This week, Hanvon unveiled the first eBook enabled by color E Ink Triton Imaging Film. In addition to 16 levels of grayscale, Triton enhances the ePaper viewing experience with 4096 colors. E Ink’s Triton Imaging Film combines these colors with the high-contrast, sunlight readable, low-power performance readers have come to expect from E Ink Imaging Films.

Earlier this year, E Ink expanded its portfolio with the introduction of E Ink Pearl, a new electrophoretic display that raises the bar for eReader displays with crisp images and text that look like ink on paper for improved readability, even outdoors in direct sunlight. Found in the Amazon Kindle 3 and the newest edition of the Sony Reader, E Ink Pearl has the whitest reflective display in the industry with a contrast ratio approximately 50 percent greater than previous products. E Ink Pearl is ideally suited for eBook applications as well as commercial and industrial applications. It is also compatible with the latest touch technology solutions.

More info: E Ink.

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Que e-reader cancelled due to delays

Posted by admin on August 11, 2010


QUE proReader

Plastic Logic has finally cancelled Que launch. The devide was expected to ship in April, but this launch was delayed a couple of times this year. First delay was announced in March because of “technical work and optimization.” Then, a June ship date was missed and pre-orders were cancelled – but the company continued to back the product.

The Que had original a starting price of $649, but with Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook priced under $150, the market has changed drastically.

Yesterday, the company CEO Richard Archuleta said it no longer made sense to move forward, given the changes in the market and their own delays. In a statement, via CNET, he said:

“This was a hard decision, but is the best one for our company, our investors and our customers… We plan to take the necessary time needed to re-enter the market as we refocus, redesign and retool for our next generation ProReader product. We are fortunate to have investors who are confident and committed to our company’s long-term success in commercializing plastic electronics. We thank them, along with our partners and suppliers, and most especially our first customers, for their support, dedication and patience–and for standing with us to pioneer the plastic electronics revolution.”

Source: ZDNet

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e-reader sales to peak at 14 million units in 2013

Posted by admin on May 27, 2010

Increased competition from the iPad and other consumer electronic devices to limit market for e-readers

According to the latest research from Informa Telecoms & Media e-reader sales are expected to peak at 14 million in 2013, before falling by 7% in 2014 as the segment faces increased competition from a wide range of consumer electronic devices. This decline will be driven by a shift away from dedicated e-readers towards other multifunction device types, notably mobile phones and tablet-form-factor computing devices including the iPad. This is likely to lead to a segmentation of the e-reader market into two groups; low price, low feature models and higher price devices with advanced features.

“In its current incarnation, the e-reader offers a good reading experience, high levels of portability and great battery life. However, it is under threat from the availability of electronic book (e-book) content on multifunctional devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, netbooks and other portable consumer electronic devices. Apple’s iPad, available in the UK market this week, is perhaps the highest-profile competition for dedicated e-readers. Mobile broadband e-readers will also face competition from much cheaper non-connected models that are targeting a lower retail price in order to stimulate adoption,” comments Gavin Byrne, senior analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media.

“This is a real a wake-up call for e-reader vendors and will force them to improve both their products and their communications about the benefits of owning a dedicated e-reader. We believe this will cause the market to segment into two different groups – low price, low feature and high price, advanced feature models,” he adds.

In order to survive, there are a number of approaches that vendors can take. They can develop low-cost e-readers with minimal features that can be used in conjunction with a PC or USB dongle to access additional content. For example, e-readers like the Kobo (US$148), may appeal to the cost-conscious reader and its price point is further sweetened by the inclusion of 100 classic titles on the device.

Alternatively, they can improve feature sets in mid and high-end e-readers to transform them, over time, more into tablet computing devices. These will in effect become more like smartbooks than e-readers. Early steps in this direction include Barnes & Noble’s latest software update for the Nook which adds games and a more open web browsing functionality. Many e-reader companies are already looking to develop an electronic reading platform, initially based on their e-reader devices, but that will extend across e-readers, mobile phones, netbooks, note-books and desktop PCs.

“There are certainly a number of things that vendors can do to counteract this growing threat. However, the current absence of an obvious subsidy model for mobile network operators , the launch of the iPad and market dynamics are likely to limit the market in the long-term. Overall Informa Telecoms & Media is sceptical about the sales growth for mobile broadband e-readers,” concludes Byrne.

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Color Kindle is ‘still some ways out’ says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Posted by admin on May 25, 2010


Jeff Bezos with Kindle DX

A color version of Amazon’s Kindle reader may come eventually, but it won’t be soon.

Past Tuesday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that adding color to the Kindle’s “electronic ink” display is a difficult technical challenge and that a color screen is “still a long way out.” Bezos said he’s seen things “in the laboratory” that are “still not ready for prime-time production.”

Tablet computers such as Apple’s iPad and some e-readers sport LCD displays, which can show color. But those are harder to see in sunlight and consume much more power than e-ink displays.

Don’t have a Kindle? Buy yours now for ($259) $189!!

Source: Yahoo! News.

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