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Public domain comics on your e-reader

Posted by admin on May 26, 2010


Public Domain Comics

If you have a smart phone, a Kindle, a Sony reader or some other reading device, then you can enjoy Superman, Batman or your other favorite superhero once again!

Actually, with the endless storage and fan sites on the Internet of all types of comics, there are tons more available than ever before. Some are public domain comics, others are current publisher subscriptions, and there are even new comics online.

Since comics are primarily image based, a lot of the comics available on the Internet are scanned in issues either in jpg format or PDF format. Used this way, it’s possible to download single pages or even whole issues, depending upon how they have been created.

Comics can also be found in a compressed format. Some of the most popular are: CBZ, CBR, CBT and others. These make downloading quite easy, and these formats “roughly” can be thought of in the same sense as RAR, ZIP and others. For more background on this, make sure you visit Wikipedia here:

Once you’ve been able to locate a few copies of your old favorites, you’ll need to figure some way of viewing them. If your format is PDF, then it’s a simple matter of making sure that your device supports that, and then just start reading. If your device has issues with PDF size or the comic you’ve found is in a different format, then you will need some software: Calibre ( is a good choice for conversion options and supports most popular formats. There are more options such as Comical ( and more.

A few links where you can find comics online:

Source: TeleRead.

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