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Posted by admin on February 27, 2010


feedbooks | Food fot the mind

Feedbooks is fully compatible with the Kindle and the only service capable of delivering both books and RSS feeds directly to the Kindle using the wireless connection.

Otherwise you could get your content through:

  • USB: Simply download a Mobipocket/Kindle file on your desktop computer and transfer the content to your Kindle using the USB cable
  • E-Mail: Download a Mobipocket/Kindle file and e-mail it to your Kindle e-mail address: [user]
  • SD: Download a Mobipocket/Kindle file to your SD card

Formats for the Kindle

Feedbooks support the Mobipocket format which is the core format for Kindle & Kindle DX devices.

The Kindle DX can also display PDF files.

Kindle Download Guide

The Kindle Download Guide is the easiest way to download public domain and creative commons books from Feedbooks. It could be describded as having an on-demand library on your Kindle.

  • Step 1: The guide is a simple file that you need to add on your Kindle. The URL for this file is
    • Open the browser on your Kindle and open this URL
    • OR download this file and send it to your Kindle using the USB cable
    • OR download this file and send it to your Kindle using your e-mail: [user]
  • Step 2: Find yourself something to read. You could:
    • Flip through the guide, you’ll find books in alphabetical order, then authors in alphabetical order and finally lists (There’s a table of contents for all this, you can access this any time you want through the Kindle user interface).
    • Type a keyword using the search feature of your Kindle. Works very well as soon as the guide is fully indexed (you’ll have to wait for a few seconds after downloading the guide for your Kindle to fully index this file).
  • Step 3: To download a book (make sure that the wireless connection is on), select the right line in the guide using the scrollwheel. A pop-up will show up, select the name of the book and your Kindle will download the file.
  • Step 4: Enjoy reading your book, it is now available on your Kindle!
  • Updating: At the beginning of the guide, you’ll find a link to update this guide. The guide is updated a few times every week. Make sure that you manually delete the old version of the guide once you’ve updated.

Mobile Website

You can also easily browse Feedbooks on your Kindle using our mobile website:

It is highly recommended to sign in on the mobile version, even if you’re using the guide: this way, your downloads will be logged and Feedbooks will create a customized list of recommended books for you.

The mobile website is also a nice way to browse through our books in a different way: recently added books, most popular titles in a genre etc…

Inside our e-books

At the beginning of our e-books, you’ll find some of the other books available from the same author. You’ll also find recommendations at the end of our e-books.

These are also links, you can use them to download those books.

Source: feedbooks

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