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Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition User Review

Posted by admin on February 16, 2010


Nothing is perfect and this reader is no exception.


What I like is that I can get any book I want from Google library or internet and I can read any of my 2000 pdf’s easily. When you open pdf it allows you to increase and decrease font. If you increase font from small to large all pictures go away, but you can always go back to small font and even zoom in on pictures. I don’t have to convert text files or MS Word documents on this thing. It allows you to add SD card (I have 2000 plus books and magazines on it now). This thing is fast and software that Sony created for it is very easy to use (I was surprised by that). Now, with all these books I don’t need wireless 🙂

It’s shorter than Kindle 2 by two fingers.

Screen is readable outside and I actually like the black letters against gray background as it’s not as blinding as a real book on the very sunny day, but there are cons, see below.


Compare to Kindle 2 that my friend has at work it has more glare, because of the touch screen. Is it a showstopper? Not sure as adjusting the angle resolves the issue, but you do have to adjust the angle. Also, I find that contrast is not as good as a real book, but it is comparable to Kindle 2.

Verdict, I am keeping it for another 3-4 days to see if the glare gets to me, I will post an update if it does. Also, I think I do like it better than Kindle 2, because of the open format and expandable memory.

Update: Decided to keep it. It really grew on me. Surprisingly the glare is less of an issue outside and inside slight adjustments to the angle resolves it. Also, I like how it’s built like a tank. I am really not afraid of breaking it.

By Mike “internetfloppy” (Wilmington, DE United States)

Source: Amazon.

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