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Scribd announces a “send to mobile” app for Kindle & other readers.

Posted by admin on February 10, 2010


Scribd Inc. which allows people to post and read amateur and professional content, plans to launch a “send to mobile” feature later this month that allows users to get most of the 10 million documents stored on the site to reading devices beyond the personal computer, including Inc.’s Kindle, Sony Corp.’s Readers, Barnes & Noble Inc.’s Nook, and advanced phones such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

This month, Scribd is also creating software that could be used by device makers to embed the ability to search, browse and read Scribd content into their e-readers. Irex Technologies BV, which makes a line of e-readers sold at Barnes & Noble, says it is exploring adding that software into its device.

Next month, Scribd plans to unveil a series of mobile applications, which will add direct access to the site’s content to devices including the iPhone and iPad, smart phones based on Google Inc.’s Android software, and eventually the Kindle.

An Amazon spokesman said the company approved the addition of a Kindle button to Scribd, but declined to comment further.

For the Kindle, after clicking the send button, the site asks users to enter the unique e-mail address for their device, and then sends it to the device in Adobe Acrobat format over the Kindle‘s wireless connection. The Kindle owner gets charged for the wireless connection fees, which are 15 cents per megabyte.

About 5% of the content on Scribd, including books sold by mainstream publisher Simon & Schuster, is copyrighted, and won’t work with the current send-to-device button. But Scribd’s Mr. Adler said that it’s the other free 95%—including everything from fan ‘zines to university dissertations to personal business documents—that are missing from the current crop of e-readers. Even on the Kindle, many of the most popular downloads are free, he adds.

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

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