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Kindle How-To: Launch the Experimental Web Browser

Posted by admin on January 27, 2010

Your Kindle comes with an Experimental application called Basic Web, which is a Web browser optimized to read websites that are primarily text-based. It supports JavaScript, SSL and cookies but does not support media plug-ins (Flash, Shockwave, etc.) or Java applets.
To launch Basic Web: Select “Basic Web” from the Experimental screen.

Entering a URL

The URL text field retains the last URL you entered in case you want to quickly edit the same address and submit it again. If you want to enter a secure site with an “https” address, use the backspace key to delete the automatically entered “://” and type the address you want.

Illustration of browser navigation options for Kindle Basic Web

To enter the URL for a website:

  1. Press the Menu button and select “Enter URL” from the menu if the URL text field is not visible at the top of the screen.
  2. Type in your URL when the cursor is located in the menu bar.
  3. When you are done typing, select “go to” with the 5-way controller to view that website.

The URL text field is embedded in a navigation bar with a few other key shortcuts. To the right of the URL text field there is a button to stop loading or reload the current page. From there, move your 5-way to the right, and you can quickly search the Google search engine for the text entered in the URL text field.

Above the URL text field are shortcuts to navigate back and forward one page, an indication of how much of the page has been loaded, whether you are viewing the page in Basic or Advanced Mode, and where you are in the web page.

Using Bookmarks and Adding Your Own

Bookmarks let you easily access a website without needing to type the address every time. When you open Basic Web from the Experimental page for the first time, you will see a list of default bookmarks with links to information such as daily news and weather. While browsing, you can also access the same list of bookmarks by selecting “Bookmarks” from the browser menu (just press the Menu button).

To add a website to the Bookmarks page:

  1. Navigate to the site that you want to bookmark.
  2. Select “Bookmark this page” from the Menu.

To remove a bookmark:

  1. Select “Bookmarks” from the Basic Web Menu.
  2. Highlight the bookmark with the 5-way controller.
  3. Move the 5-way controller to the left and select “delete bookmark.”

To edit a bookmark: You can change the name of a bookmark by moving the 5-way controller to the right and selecting “edit bookmark.” This only allows you to change the name. If you want to edit the URL, delete the bookmark and add a new one.

Using Next Page and Previous Page

Most Web pages you find on the Internet will have more content than can be displayed on one page. Use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to move through these pages. This is equivalent to using your mouse on a computer to move up and down through a Web page. You can also move the cursor down with the 5-way controller until it reaches the bottom of the page.

Selecting Links, Buttons, and Boxes

Navigate to links on a Web page using the 5-way controller. Links in Basic Web are shown as underlined words, just like in the Reader. Highlight the link you want to go to and press the 5-way. The browser will open that page. Below is a Web page with multiple selectable links.

Illustration of selecting a hyperlink within the Kindle browser

If you want to enter information in an input field in a Web page to search that site, for example, you should move the cursor to that input field and begin typing. When you finish typing, press down on the nearby Go or Enter or Search button to retrieve the results. If there are radio buttons embedded within a Web page, you can change the input by maneuvering the cursor to the button you want to change and press the 5-way to “push” this button.

Using History

You can easily return to websites you recently viewed by pressing the Menu button and selecting “History.” You will then see a list of recently visited websites to select from. As noted above, you can also use this list to add a site to your Bookmarks by moving the 5-way to the right.

Changing Text Size

Just like when you are reading a book or periodical, you can adjust the size of the text when viewing Web pages. See the Kindle How-To: Setting Text Size in your Kindle.

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