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RekindleIT. Instantly sends web pages to Kindles

Posted by admin on December 12, 2009



RekindleIT is an exciting new way to read any content on the web on your Amazon Kindle.

Using our simple tools, you can instantly send a web page from your web browser or iPhone for reading on your Kindle/Kindle DX. It’s simple, free, and opens up a whole new world of content for the Kindle.

There are two ways to use RekindleIT:

Wireless Delivery Using Amazon’s Wispernet
In this mode, files sent to you via RekindleIT are sent to you wirelessly over the internet, right to your Kindle/Kindle DX. Amazon charges you $0.15/MB for this feature. Most articles on the internet are very small, so it basically works out to about $0.15 per article.

Free Email Delivery
In this mode, files sent to you via RekindleIT are sent to you are sent through Amazon’s free conversion service. They are delivered to you via email and you must then transfer them to your Kindle/Kindle DX via USB. Not as nice, but free.

No matter which method you use, you will have to know your Kindle/Kindle DX’s email address. The email address looks like or To find your Kindle/Kindle DX’s email address, click here.
Some Tips

  • For best results, Rekindle only “Printer Friendly” version of webpages.
  • Really complex documents tend not to work well with RekindleIT.
  • Only Rekindle HTML files. Don’t use RekindleIT on PDF documents…yet

Source: RekindleIT.

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